Sunday, May 22, 2011

Celebrating Dylan's 70th Birthday In My Own Backyard

One of the great things about living in Santa Fe, NM is the number of artists who live in the area.  My favorites are photographers. (I'm a photographer -- what's not to love?) Case in point, Friday night I went to the opening of a photographic exhibit which, among other things, commemorates the 70th birthday of Bob Dylan (May 24). Mingling among iconic images of The Sixties music scene were the photographers who captured them -- David Michael Kennedy, Lisa Law, Baron Wolman -- yep, right here in my own backyard.

If you are anywhere near Santa Fe between now and June 25, 2011, you absolutely MUST go to Andrew Smith Gallery and see this collection. I loved it.  It will blow your mind.

Happy 70th birthday, Bob. You still rock my world.